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Apr 17, 2022

So there are precious few music software packages that will come up during discussions at my family’s dinner table. Logic? No way. Ableton Live? Mainly because the kids really like their T-shirts. But if I want to get the kids chattering, I can bring up the family’s retro-love of Guitar Hero or Rock Band. And who was leading product development of those products? Today’s guess – Greg LoPiccolo!

Greg has moved onto new things – including his new company, ToneStone ( And while he’s no longer creating consumer games, the idea of combining a game mentality with music is still in his bones. But now, instead of trying to match riffs with Zakk Wylde or Slash, you are actually producing, mixing and sharing your own musical creations.

Greg is really into many game-oriented ideas surrounding this effort, and it is really interesting to dig into his mind to see how he is creating his simple but deep music production project. I push to find out the limits, and to find out the perspective that make it unique in the marketplace.


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