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Art + Music + Technology

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Feb 22, 2015

I've been following Soy Sos's posts on the Muff Wiggler forum for quite a while - he has a unique view of the gear, and fills a role as an intermediary between the hand-wavers on MW and the Pittsburgh Modular company. Cool gig! But I also knew that Herman Pearl was a serious recording head, and when Mike Metlay mentioned that he'd be up for an interview, I was in!

As our chat progressed, we found ourselves talking about the current state of the recording studio industry, and how the current generation of recording artist is engaging with both the technology and the world. With his interesting view on current artistic direction, Herman maps out the landscape for us in a way only available from an insider.

If you are interested in Herman's studio, you can check it out at the Tuff Sound Recording site, and if you need to reach him, his email is found there. In any case, I had a great time talking with Herman, and I hope you enjoy listening it!