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Mar 29, 2015

Margaret (Meg) Schedel's career has blown up since we first talked to her in podcast Episode #3. I caught wind of this by watching her Facebook feed - it seemed like there was a daily barrage of place gone, things being done, and open doors for others to get involved. Meg isn't self-promotional (in fact, we talk about it in this episode...); rather, she's promotional - she helps people see what is going on, and is always willing to swing the door open for others as well as entering it herself.

This episode talks about some of the edgy new stuff that's out there (and that she's documenting), as well as the practicalities of managing a busy, engaged life. We also get a glimpse into the mind of a very busy person, and see how she makes decisions, sets priorities and organizes her efforts. My experience with Meg is that every conversation is packed full of information and ideas - this one is no exception.