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Mar 20, 2016

Gregory Taylor was at my house last week to work on an upcoming show, and I pinged him for his third AMT podcast interview. This time, though, I had something really specific in mind: I wanted to know more about how he did his radio show, how he selected music for it, and what he used to determine material that would capture his attention. As before, he did not disappoint!

Gregory's work in broadcasting is quite astounding. He's run the same radio show, with a few short breaks, continuously for 30 years, programming interesting mixes of experimental music on a Madison-based community radio station (WORT FM, 89.9), and has listened to more of this music than probably anyone ever has. His knowledge of both labels and artists is encyclopedic, but his discussions of them are - as always - interesting and story-filled.

Gregory's show, RTQE, is from 9-11pm (CST) Sunday Evenings, and the shows are archived and streamed for off-time listening for up to two weeks. I hope you enjoy this discussion about the development of a community station, Gregory's RTQE show, the loss of NMDS (and its effect on music selection) and having *your* work played on the radio. Fascinating stuff!