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Mar 27, 2016

I first got to know Jesse Terry during a trip to Berlin, and we've remained in contact ever since. The product 'owner' for the Ableton Push, he has been involved with hardware controller design and development since the Akai APC controllers. So when I got a chance to chat with him about his method - and interests - it seemed like a natural fit.

Jesse has a long background with 'knob-ful' designs (he's an old-time analog head, like me) as well as 'pad-ful' designs (he and I also share a background with MPC devices), so he was probably an obvious choice for working on the Push controller. However, it is his attention to detail and tireless search for perfection that helps push the envelope of what we consider 'state of the art' controller systems.

If that sounds like a sales pitch for Jesse - well, I'm sorry. But I really like Jesse's work a lot, and his willingness to talk about the fun and the pain in creating the Push and Push 2 controllers might help you understand why I feel that way.