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Sep 10, 2017

For me, the Mod Devices story began with their very impressive debut at the NAMM show. But guest Gianfranco Ceccolini has been working on the product for quite a while - and on the concept for even longer. Creating more than a guitar pedal, Gianfranco and company have succeeded in creating an entire ecosystem (they call it a platform, but that sounds only technical...) that can be used for the development of pedalboards for guitars, synth rigs or whatever.

I started to work with the company when they wanted to support building Max's Gen code to run on the device; thanks to heroic efforts by some of my co-workers (Jeremy, here's a shout-out!), we not only got it running, but it is as smooth as silk. But in working on this, it was clear that this wasn't a system that just appeared because of a Kickstarter campaign - there was obviously something more behind the device.

Thus, this chat. And it was really interesting - taking a love of music and a love of Linux, combining them into something that a guitarist could use, and eventually into something any musician could love. That's quite a trail, and Gianfranco maps it out for us.

A great chat about the history of a company from its founder, and a neat roadmap to their future as well. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I did talking!