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Jan 28, 2018

Do you want to talk about dedication? Let's take a look at Paul Davis, whose efforts behind the Ardour Project, originally released in 2005, are still going strong. Ardour has become as full-featured as any DAW out there, and - along with its commercial variant Mixbus - is capturing the attention of a lot of new users.

But Ardour is more than a DAW - it's a DAW that can operate in Linux. Every week I'm hearing more about Linux-based audio production, and Ardour is one of the programs that's leading the way. Paul has long been dedicated to Linux Audio, and is considered one of its current leaders.

In this discussion, Paul describes his decision-making on the way to starting the project, his vision for its future, and his deep passion for open-source development in general. He also talks about his relationship with Harrison (who have created Mixbus, which is based off the Ardour code base), and how they have affected the development process.

It was great for me to catch up to Paul again, and to learn more about this amazing tool. Enjoy!