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Jun 10, 2018

Wayne Peet first came to my attention through friends: both Jeff Kaiser (episode 49) and Andrew Pask (episode 55) talked about working with an engineer that had the best ears they'd encountered. I was always fascinated, but when Andrew offered to hook us up for a chat, I jumped at the chance. See, not everything has to be about electronics - and Wayne really tracks an interesting part of the music industry.

It would seem like recording studios have disappeared, but they haven't - they just are no longer necessarily shrines to fern-and-dim-light decorators. Instead, modest studios - driven by talented and hard-charging owner/engineers - are putting out a lot of releases. Some of these are indie releases, while others work on sound-for-film, church audio production or live recording support. Wayne is involved in all of these (through his Newzone studio) and his track record of 500+ releases is unreal.

I suspect that part of Wayne's success comes from his personality: within a few minutes, we were talking like old bar buddies. Whether it is our shared church-music background, interest in jazz (where Wayne is also a monster player...) or appreciation of digital recording, the conversation flowed easily. A great chat with an amazing talent.