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Art + Music + Technology

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Aug 5, 2018

Nathan Moody first came onto my radar via his Noise Jockey blog – a blog that combined sound design, field recording, music production, art, design… pretty much everything I pay attention to. The posts don’t come often, but they are golden. But recently he popped up again for his music releases on Bandcamp, and I got sucked into his musical vortex. Starting with the Etudes series, he caught both my eye and my ears, and I dove deep into his music, which is both sound designerly as well as musically sophisticated.

I dropped him a line, and he was into a chat. When we connected, it was like phoning up an old friend; we immediately dropped into an easy patter, and the discussion ranged all over the place: from combining visual and sound design concepts, to the process of building an instrument for an album – through the difficulties that the Bay Area is going through for creative folks. The time flew by, as you will hear. 

If you get a chance, check out his work on Bandcamp (, and the related in-depth album notes on his site ( Also, check out his blog and read up on his field recording work – all fascinating. And enjoy our chat!