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Art + Music + Technology

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Feb 24, 2019

Sometimes I get in a mood - you know? The last thing I need is a screeching industrial band or ear-piercing experimental trip. Sometimes I need to relax - and sometimes that means laid back, bossa-infused electronic tracks.

When I go on that trip, tracks occasionally jump out for me - and one artist kept coming up: Michael E. It had a relaxed feel that was right for the genre, but small details kept cropping up: inventive arrangements, nice (real) instrumental support - and a lot of work. I checked out some of his bio material, and was shocked by the number of releases he's produced. Michael is hyper-productive, and I wanted to learn more.

I reached out to Michael E and he was up for an interview; it was going to be different from the typical fare, but it turned out to be equally interesting. Michael's background, production planning and collaborations all informed my understanding of how he does his work, and it was great to talk to someone that was dedicated to making a career in music-making - without falling into the YouTube Stardom black hole.

Enjoy, and check out Michael E's work next time you need to relax