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Art + Music + Technology

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Sep 15, 2019

I met a lot of great people at Cycling '74's 2019 Expo. Perhaps the most memorable is this week's guest: Andrej Kobal. He wasn't really on my radar before that (despite getting a ping from some co-workers about his application), but I ran into him early during the "Science Fair" (demo) portion of the Expo.

His corner of the room was constantly filled with people checking out his work, and I quickly understood why: it was an application (with optional iPad-based UI controller) that could make the simplest musical forms dance through a combination of processing, realtime mixing and control automation. It was immediately fun, and Andrej was really excited to share - and the moment was pretty exciting.

I bought the software and have been integrating it into my performance system, but Andrej and I have kept in contact, and it's led to this interview. I'm not sure if any previous chat has been as revealing about a person as this one: Andrej is really into music tech, exploration, working with other musicians as well as taking deep dives into his own work. He's inspiring to talk to, to be around - and I'm sure to work with, too.

Check out the software at, and check out his videos on YouTube and Vimeo to learn more about the software - and his other work, too. And see if you can't embrace the enthusiasm that he has to bring some excitement into your world, too!