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Sep 29, 2019

I've run into Kyle Swisher in a lot of different ways. He was discussed on Tim Held's Podular Modcast, and it caused me to check out his work as Dark Sparkler. He also had a discussion with me about recording a spot for the 50th episode of Tim's podcast. And then he started (along with Robert Standefer) the Source of Uncertainty podcast, which is the only podcast dedicated to Buchla systems. As you can imagine, Kyle himself is pretty dedicated to Buchla instruments as well.

In our chat, we talk about his entry into modulars (from guitaristics), how he selected Buchla as his muse, and how he deals with the 'wandering eye' of gear lust. We also talk about how he integrates his songwriting skills from the past into his modular music realities of today. It's a pretty fascinating view into music making, and it really inspired me to sharpen some of my approaches.

You can check out Kyle's music at his Bandcamp site (, and check out the Source of Uncertainty podcast at its locale ( Enjoy!