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Mar 29, 2020

I'm on the receiving end of a lot of interesting PR blasts, including those from Mute Records. I received a note about A Quiet Corner In Time, a collaboration between sound artist Simon Fisher Turner and ceramicist Edmund de Waal. This was a curious enough project 'statement' that I had to check it out - and I was charmed. It's a beautiful work with surprising detail, and I ended up reaching out to Mute for an interview with Simon.

Talking with Simon Fisher Turner was a breeze - he's such a pleasant guy, and has so many stories. Just talking about the sound collection for this new album, with recording trips to Vienna and LA, in-studio sessions with Edmund de Waal's ceramics, and the process of creating the whole sonic fiber of the release - it was all just fascinating. But I also got a chance to talk with Simon a bit about his background, his escape from pop music, and his continued obsession with sound; it all worked its way into a organic whole. Then when we started to talk about live performance, it was clear that he approached that in the same way. Of course!

There are so many things that Simon is doing that I would love to share. First, the new release with de Waal - A Quiet Corner In Time - can be experienced here: Simon also has many other musical releases available - on Mute, Solielmoon and others... a Google search will reveal all. Finally, though, I want to point you to his Guerrilla Audio podcast (, which gives you some great examples of his collection process. So very charming.