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Art + Music + Technology

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Apr 12, 2020

When one of the listeners suggested Omri Cohen for an interview, I had to do a little research. And 'a little' is key - one quick search on YouTube made it clear that this was someone I'd want to talk to. And once we started chatting, we got on a roll - Omri is a great cat, and is so open to sharing, that we got on like brothers.

Whether it's talking about his background or his approach to hybrid modular systems, he combines a deep understanding about what he's doing with a relaxed way of explaining that causes everything to immediately make sense. That's an amazing gift - and makes him one of the most effective tutorial-makers out there.

If you want to check out his videos, the easiest way is to check out his channel: He also releases music on Bandcamp - some of which he features as 'Making Of..." options on his video channel - at I love his work, and this has really inspired me to make some interesting work in our now-isolated meta-world.