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Art + Music + Technology

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Jul 19, 2020

When I first got clued into the A-Mint system, I was very curious: I've not been 'entranced' by AI and ML systems for music, and I tend to be kind of skeptical. But some of the video and audio examples I heard of Alex Braga's A-Mint were quite surprising - especially in their realtime use with other performers. This is something that caught my attention, and I wanted to learn more.

Alex is an engaging interview, and our discussion ranged from his background, to his love of nerdy machines, and into his love of performing. The work that he and his collaborators are doing is in trying to create 'augmented' tools - tools that help you be more adept at the things that you want to do.

You can learn more about the A-Mint project at its website: or you can see more of it (and Alex) in action, as well as learning about his "Spleen Machine" release, at his website:

I hope that you enjoy the discussion, and find Alex's enthusiasm as infectious as I did. I'm looking forward to trying this out!