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Art + Music + Technology

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Jan 17, 2021

I doubt that I have to introduce Andrew Huang. His online entries are a strong contender for “YouTube Channel Most Responsible For Music-Making Coolness” (, and he simultaneously does tutorials, gear demos and production technique tricks/tips. This is one of the few people that I’ve interviewed that all of my kids knew – which is a pretty serious barrier to beat!

Andrew has just finished up work on a new iOS app called Flip Sampler ( a sample-based music making system that is super-intuitive while still being functionally significant. I got a chance to play with it for a week-or-so before our discussion, and was amazed at how easy it was to use, but was still useful for serious work. So we had a chance to talk about the development of that app.

We also, however, spend a lot of time talking about his background, how he taps into creativity, and how he balances his channel work with his own musical creation. An interesting view into the life of a full-time, full-on creative.


Transcription available at