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Jun 6, 2021

I’ve been a synth-head for a very long time. As a result, I have these little personal dropping-off points of favorite bits of gear: Ensoniq ESQ-1, Roland JD-800, E-mu Proteus and Morpheus. So imagine my surprise when a recent parcel of Facebook paraded all of my favorite synths. And it was put out there by today’s guest – Drew Schlesinger – who was deeply involved in sound design for synth preset for all these devices!

Starting with the Casio CZ-101, making patch sheets and patch carts, Drew ended up as a working sound designer throughout the digital MIDI synth golden years. In our discussion, we talk about how he got started, the kind of machines that he found himself working on, highlights and lowlights of sound design, and how he moved on from there. We also talk a bit about his work with David Torn in a little apartment studio.

You can follow the discussion/history on Facebook by following Drew on Facebook (, and you can also hear the Torn album (Summer Synthesis 1978) here:


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