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Jul 18, 2021

Lisa Bella Donna is somehow algorithmically connected to me – her work shows up consistently in my social media feeds, the sites that I read cover her work, and (of course) the music really speaks to me. So it’s kind of odd that it has taken so long to get her on the pod. Maybe it’s because she’s pretty laid back about her self-promotion, and maybe it’s because she is very busy. But in any case, I’m really glad to be able to talk with her about her career, her background, and her love of synths.

In our discussion, we talk about coming up through “the system” – a system that included hotel gigs, regional and national touring, and hours spent in jingle studios. It is also a story of a self-educated musician that has captured the imagination of both listeners and synth manufacturers, leading to work as a demo artist for Moog and a promoter for all-things-ARP. It is also a picture of someone that has been unrelenting in finding their passion and staying true to it.

Learn more about Lisa on her website (, and listen to her music on her Bandcamp site ( And check out her concert in support of Sisters With Transistors ( Enjoy!

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