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Nov 7, 2021

One of the big surprises of the late 2010’s was the acquisition of Buchla and Associates by someone local to me: Eric Fox of Foxtone Music. I’d heard of Foxtone, but never visited, and never expected something like this to happen in good ‘ol Minneapolis. But sure enough, Buchla was now based out of the Twin Cities.

While I’m not a Buchla user, I’ve always been fascinated by Don Buchla’s work, and I was interested in this new iteration of Buchla – especially given the recent announcement of the official Tiptop 200-series modules, along with the revamp of the Easel that was shown at Superbooth. There was no time like now to reach out to Eric for a chat.

Our discussion is pretty interesting: from his start as a punk guitarist, to his entre into music retailing, and finally landing on synthesizers as his ticket, Eric hasn’t ever taken the easy road. But through perseverance, and a willingness to be “that irritating guy”, he has created a place – not only in music retailing, but in synthesizer history.

See what Eric is up to by checking out the Buchla website:


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