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Art + Music + Technology

Welcome to the Art + Music + Technology podcast page! I hope that you like what you hear, and please drop me a line if you have any questions or comments. You can always reach me at


Nov 19, 2017

Kim Bjørn is on a mission - he wants to highlight design in electronic instrument creation, and he wants to document it as completely as possible. With his recently-released book Push Turn Move, we get interviews with developers, performers and researchers, and really get to understand not only the design, but the...

Nov 12, 2017

Personal heroes. This is a very personal subject for most people, because our choice of heroes says a lot about us. My reverence for Morton's work has a lot to do with how it changed my ears - and therefore my life.

Being introduced to Silver Apples allowed me to think of music as a less discrete, more fluid, material....

Nov 5, 2017

You may not have run across Jill Fraser's name before, but you almost certainly have heard her work. With hundreds of TV commercials under her belt, as well as several feature films and a couple of tours, she's become part of the world's earworm. She's also been performing more recently - with Peter Grenader - as...