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Aug 10, 2014

I first met Dan (virtually) regarding my ArdCore Arduino-based module ( - a master's project for DU that helped me graduate. Dan was into it, built it from the breadboard up, then asked me if he could develop a commercial version. I gave him the thumbs-up, and the Euro ArdCore was born. But from that contact, I started looking into his effects and chaotic modules - you can check them out at - and sort of fell in love with the whole concept.

Dan talks about his background and his conceptual basis for his work. But there is also an interesting subtext: his concern about creating complex modules in a world that tends to preference instant gratification. It's an interesting area of discussion, and worth considering as the modular market continues to grow in size and importance.

This is a good opportunity to point people to the MuffWiggler forum, where Dan has his own SnazzyFX subforum. If you want to interact with him and his users, that's a good place to start.