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Art + Music + Technology

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Aug 31, 2014

Tim Weaver is one of the people in my life that inspires me - but also pushes me into things that might be challenging. He helped me get into grad school, helped me get a gig teaching and is always helping me out with my academic stuff. But beyond that, he is an artist with a very particular method to his work: he uses biological data as the spine of his work. Whether it is using protein data for melodic moves, or using the structure of a moth as an instrument to be played, biology always plays an important role within his work.

And it makes sense - because Tim is a trained biologist. The path that he took from protein-geek to art-geek is quite fascinating, and he spells it all out in this podcast. Additionally, we talk about the difficulties in having artist works with scientists (which can be more significant that you'd think).

Enjoy! If you'd like to find out more about Tim's work, you can check out an overview at or get more detail at