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Aug 21, 2016

I really appreciate the opportunity to meet new people - especially when they are introduced by friends that I respect. Coralie Diatkine comes via Julien Bayle, who mentioned her in a conversation as "someone with a unique sound" - and also mentioned her as a up-and-coming Max'er. He pointed to her website and I was blown away.

The thing the was most interesting to me was that Coralie doesn't really hide anything. If she is experimenting with spacialization, you get to read about it on her site. Working on sound design using her sax? Also on the site. And even though she's left vocal work behind, she's also willing to share that as well. I love it when people share their whole story, and Coralie seemed willing to do that on her site.

She was also willing to do it on the podcast! In this chat, we range from her choice of instruments (and why she dropped voice) to the use of language and metaphor for compositional concept, and even spend some time examining the French educational system. I eat this stuff up, and I hope you are as fascinated as I am.

Once you listen to this, you will want to know more about Coralie. Her web world is at, and her Soundcloud page is filled with goodies, available at