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Feb 26, 2017

The first time I saw Huston Singletary I was on a ride. At the NAMM show, surrounded by amazing talent, all giving their best shots at demos. A guy gets up in front of the Ableton stage and starts riffing on the latest version, showing all the new features and stuff - standard fare. All of a sudden he stops, says to someone "Hey, that's a great question!" and wheels off into an impromptu clinic on how to perform some production magic that had everyone mesmerized.

That is Huston at his best - in one of his lives. In other parts of his life, he does amazing sound designs. In other parts, it's feet-on-the-ground production. He's got bones in so many parts of the audio/music field, and it's wild to hear him talk about moving - frictionlessly - from one to the other. But above everything, he loves to help people learn about doing new things, and this is the legacy that Huston will always have to me.

I hope you enjoy this longer-than-normal, wide-ranging talk with someone that was there as studios moved to DAWs, synth stacks moved from keyboard stands into plug-in folders, and production moved from the few to the many. Huston has seen it all, and it is really interesting to hear his take on the music/production world.