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Art + Music + Technology

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Sep 24, 2017

Mike Monday's adverts are all over the web. And if you get on his mailing list, you will see him even more. But it's hard not to be intrigued - especially when he has a lot of free information available for you to view, and it tends to be pretty spot-on. But I'd never seen a detailed interview with him, so I tried reaching out, and was pleased when he responded favorably.

The chat went off better than planned, because it turns out that Mike is as engaging in person as he is on his video lessons. And his history is fascinating: from double-bassoonist at Oxford to club track maniac, he'd had his hand in a lot of different musical environments. But it is his descriptions of the methods - and failures - for making music that will probably be his lasting influence on music-makers, and he spelled it out pretty openly during our talk.

I've become a believer in his work, and also appreciate how he approaches his teaching practice. But I also like the fact that he's willing to describe his influences, talk about his methods and even challenge his own perceptions; these are the hallmarks of a useful teacher. I hope that you enjoy this, and I hope you come out of it inspired as well.