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Art + Music + Technology

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Feb 9, 2020

Doing this interview - one of the series of interviews curated by Seth Cluett - was pretty challenging. Typically, when I speak with someone, their artistry is fairly easily identified: they are performers, composers, makers or something discrete. Lainie Fefferman is definitely not discrete: she's simultaneously fulfilling all of these in order to manage her practice. So the interview flies around extensively, tracking the composition process, her performance work, and the fact that her love of people is at the heart of all her efforts.

As part of this discussion, we actually get into a few things that I was really curious about - especially her ability to create compositions that include a wide range of instrumentation and performance groups. From laptop orchestras to chamber quartets, Lainie consistently create awesome work that is really performance-specific. Hearing about her 'digestion' model of composition makes all of this more understandable.

I really enjoyed this chat, and I hope that you enjoy listening. Check out her site ( and spend some time digging into the variety - and quality of her work.


And thanks again to Seth Cluett for helping pull this interview together!