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Apr 19, 2020

There are a few record labels that capture my attention and keep it. One of these is Important Records - not because I'm a get-every-release fanboy, but rather because, when I find myself in a great record store, I'll often find myself picking up Imprec releases. There's just something about the artists, the design and the clear quality that speaks to me. And, of course, it helps that they release archival material from my personal heroes!

It took a while, but eventually I did get to have a chat with John Brien. We got a chance to dive into his background in music (and love of music), how he got to starting a label, and what the work looks like now. Especially interesting is his process for digging through the archives, and finding artists that speak to him. Thus, Pauline Oliveros and Harry Bertoia share the stage with ELEH and Caterina Barbieri, but it all makes perfect sense.

In these times of COVID-isolation, you can browse the virtual crates by checking out the Important Records website (, Bandcamp site ( and sister cassette-focused label Cassauna ( Enjoy!