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Art + Music + Technology

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Sep 27, 2020

Jean-Baptiste Thiebaut is someone I have had the chance to work with at Cycling, and has been on an amazing journey. JB’s background is quite amazing, combining a background in computer science with advanced research in computer-aided composition. He then entered the MI industry – working at Novation/Focusrite in product development, then directing product development at ROLI. Through all of that, he founded and nurtured the London-based Music Hackspace, a place for music hackery to thrive.

When the COVID pandemic hit, JB decided to expand the reach of Music Hackspace to include industry expert presentations and a wide variety of workshops and tutorials. The breadth of it is quite impressive, ranging from hardware hacking on ‘musical pom-poms’ to tweaky Node for Max workshops. Lots of different technologies, and a steady stream of interesting work.

If you are interested in checking out the Hackspace’s lineup, you can find out more at the ‘What’s On’ list ( Are you interested in teaching a music or art technology workshop? Contact JB and crew at