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Dec 26, 2021

I’ve long been interested in sound design and post-production work, so when I got the opportunity to interview Peter Albrechtsen and David Barber, I jumped at the chance. Peter and David worked on the movie The Killing Of Two Lovers (by Robert Machoian), which is rather unique because it has no traditional musical score; all of the sound in the movie is a combination of location sound, foley and designed sounds, carefully mixed into a minimalist-but-complex soundscape.

In our discussion, we learn about how this kind of work was developed, how Peter and David worked together to pull it off, and the lengths taken to perfect the sound of the movie. We also learn about each of their backgrounds, as well as explore the future work they are planning. And, as a bonus, we get to learn about how post-production works in a fast-paced, highly collaborative environment.

You can find The Killing Of Two Lovers on streaming services, and I strongly suggest you checking it out. It’s a wonderful experience, and will open your mind to new ways of considering movie sound.


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