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Podcast 3 introduces an old friend: Meg Schedel. I've known Meg for a long time; she's part of the "New York Crew" that I interact with, and also was a co-worker at Cycling '74 for a while. Meg now teaches at Stony Brook, but remains very active in the whole region doing installations, performance and seminars - both in visuals and audio. This was a very interesting interview, where we discuss background, teaching concepts, women in art and Deep Listening. An awesome chat, and a great opportunity to spend a little time with Meg. Enjoy!

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It's not always about software development, but sometimes it is. In this, my second episode, I interview Dan Nigrin. Dan is a fascinating character; he's an East Coast MD with an aggressive job, but he is also a dedicated electronic musician that has been "doing it" forever. He's also a "boutique" software developer, and has created software that integrates with old hardware. He also is the man behind some of the most interesting software sequencers around, including a software implementation of the amazing Klee sequencer. We talk about this stuff, his history with Defective Records, and balancing electronic music with, um, a Real Life.

Great stuff. Sorry about the call quality - Skype wasn't necessarily my friend on this one. The quality gets better - I promise! In any case, enjoy this interview with an incredible guy!

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In my inaugral podcast, I have an interview with Sam Tarakajian - developer with Cycling '74. We talk about his "baby" (the Mira iPad app), but also chat about his background, working with devices, performance processes and even the challenges of being a nomadic artist. Sam is a fascinating guy, and he has a lot of interesting views on the world.

This is a Skype interview, so it comes complete with dropouts, buzzes and garbled text. I also sound like a zombie, because I'm trying to figure out how to talk to someone with a microphone stuck in my face. Things will get better - I promise - so bear with me!

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