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Brad Garton is the head of the CMC (Computer Music Center) at Columbia University, but he doesn't wear any of the pomp that such a position might imply. He's an engaging, fun and funny guy that is always up for a rousing chat. The weird thing is that, well, he doesn't think he is very interesting! How wrong could a guy be? We skate around his history coming up through the computer music ranks, talk about the current setup at Columbia, discuss the position of code as artistic content - and even get into the future of books. All of this in an hour - what a ride!

Even if you aren't into academics, you will find this to be a cool view of the world, and you can get a sense of how people help others to succeed. In fact, this is probably the thing that Brad excels at (beyond cutting code): he is able to help students, co-workers and collaborators focus on the thing they are best at, then helps them to acquire the tools necessary to nail it. Thats a skill that we should all seek.


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I've long been a fan of Robert Rich's, and we've gotten to know each other over the years - mainly through hang-outs at the NAMM trade show. But this is easily the longest conversation we've ever had, and it's a treat to have him share his background, his philosophy of art creation, and his views on community and sharing. Robert is one of the most thoughtful people I've ever known, and this podcast reveals some of the depth that makes Robert a special artist.

If you are looking for Hot New Modular tips, this might not be the interview for you. But if you struggle with releasing your work, or if you are wondering how to engage with others in our increasingly virtual world, you may find Robert's words both an inspiration and a comfort.

Damn, I'm going on a bit. Listen to the conversation and hopefully you'll find something to help you grow - just as I did.


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This is an interview with Jeff Snyder (of Synderphonics), the creator of the Manta instrument interface, and a performer in several New York groups. Jeff shares his history with us, from a young Minnesotan learning about Elliot Sharp and John Zorn through his tenure at Columbia under Brad Garton and Douglas Reppeto. And, through all of this, he seemed bound and determined to create instruments that would allow him to move past the typical bracketing of the classical musical world.

This was an interesting and inspiring conversation, and one that's got me thinking about how I create the tools that I use. I hope it is equally inspiring to you. Enjoy!

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Les Stuck is one of my teachers - but he probably doesn't really know it. Everytime I speak with him, I find my mind expanded, and he subtly points me in directions I need to go. He has fulfilled this role for many others; at Mills College, he has helped many people find their way through the jungles of Media Art.

In this conversation, we cover a lot of ideas about doing media for dancers - one of Les' specialties. In talking about this, we also end up exploring the development process, what works in collaboration with dancers and choreographers, and how to prepare for performance. A great chat with a quiet but strong artist.


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