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I've been working with Jane Rigler for a while - I've been helping her with some technical options for her performing rig, and I've been a guest lecturer at some of her classes at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs. I've also had the chance to see her perform several times, and she is a stunningly good flute player. She also pushes the instrument to its limits, creating multi-timbred soundscapes with her flute and Ableton Live.

I was really curious to find out how she became the player that she is, so the last time I visited UCCS I asked her to do an interview. It turns out that she's been listening to the podcast, and also has her students listening to it for class. Cool! She was game for the chat, and I was blown away by the result.

This is a great way to kick off our second year of podcasts, and I'm grateful to Jane for the opportunity. If you get a chance, please let your friends know about the podcast, and also feel free to drop me a line with suggestions or interview requests.


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Joshua Kit Clayton is one of the people I respect most in this world. He lives a thoughtful life that embraces technology, artistic practice, politics and spirituality in a holistic way that I find remarkable.

In our chat, we talk about his background (Ukranian Beet Farmers?), his involvement in the San Francisco 'scene' from the 1990's and 2000's, pulling together Jitter and his current work as both Cycling '74 CTO and live performer. We also talk about how he views politics, in particular, as part of the culture of an artistic life.

I've known Joshua for a long time, but I learned a lot during this discussion. What a treat!

This episode marks the first year of the podcast, and I really appreciate everyone that has been involved: interviewees, tech helpers and listeners. This has been a great ride so far, and I'm looking forward to the next 40!


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It's hard to compartmentalize Jeff Kaiser. He's a monster trumpet player, a music label impresario, ethnomusicologist and technologist. Somehow, he finds a way to live his life where he can be all of these things - all of the time. He's a force, but also an incredibly nice guy to talk to.

In our chat, we talk about coming out of a religious music background, driving into (and through) an academic endevour, and coming out the other side with a hard-to-define career. We also talk about words, which might sound funny, but it really important when you think about how people interact with art and music's place in history.

Props to Jeff for the talk; you can find out more about him at Oh, and that's Doctor Jeff to you (and me)!

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This chat was a real treat. I ran across Daria Semegen's work on a compilation of early Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Studio recordings, and was quite taken with her work. A little more digging revealed great depth in both style and performance, and I found myself drawn into her work wherever I could find it.

Fast-forward to a recent Facebook discussion with Meg Schedel, where I was talking about some people I was interested in interviewing. Her response to my suggestion of Ms. Semegen was "I can help with that!", and indeed she did. The result is a discussion about composition concepts, processes and perspectives that will prove to be an inspiration.

In addition to all this, I want to point something out from the podcast: Daria was incredibly deft about moving the conversation away from tools (gear) into tools (source material). Every time I talked about tools, she shifted the conversation to her collected material and choice process. Brilliant!


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