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I've been following Soy Sos's posts on the Muff Wiggler forum for quite a while - he has a unique view of the gear, and fills a role as an intermediary between the hand-wavers on MW and the Pittsburgh Modular company. Cool gig! But I also knew that Herman Pearl was a serious recording head, and when Mike Metlay mentioned that he'd be up for an interview, I was in!

As our chat progressed, we found ourselves talking about the current state of the recording studio industry, and how the current generation of recording artist is engaging with both the technology and the world. With his interesting view on current artistic direction, Herman maps out the landscape for us in a way only available from an insider.

If you are interested in Herman's studio, you can check it out at the Tuff Sound Recording site, and if you need to reach him, his email is found there. In any case, I had a great time talking with Herman, and I hope you enjoy listening it!

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One of the most interesting people I met up with at NAMM was Sam Botstein of Tipsy Circuits. Sam is the producer of The Distillery, a podcast that also talks to media art people, focusing primarily on music (and often analog) people. But Sam was at NAMM showing off a new Eurorack module - the Emperor, an Intel-loaded computing box-in-a-module. I have to admit that it was pretty damned cool to see Max, Maschine and other products running within a Eurorack system.

So we set up an interview date/time and pulled it off. But it turned out that Sam has a much more diverse background than most folks - in this discussion, he took me on a journey from playing with the Extreme Trumpet Mafia, through Keith McMillen's CalArts and Mills tribes, slipstreaming through turntablism and lymphoma, and ending up on the NAMM show floor with a Great Big Module and an even bigger plan. It was a wild ride.

And he's only 21.

An amazing individual share an amazing story. Enjoy!

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One of the bits of hardware that keep showing up around me are the Percussa AudioCubes. I would keep on running into Percussa's owner, Bert Schiettecatte, at trade shows, would run into users in different places, and even found out that my friends (see Mark Mosher...) are seriously into them. So when Mark opened the door for me to chat with Bert, I rushed in!

Bert's story is a somewhat common one - a guy with a vision of a product that works hard to make it happen. But when you start talking about all the different things that he had to learn - and master - for this implementation to succeed, it seems like an impossible task. So how does one person make the impossible happen? That's what we talk about.

I hope you enjoy this one - it is very revealing, but also points to one of the most innovative products out there. Enjoy the podcast, and check out the cubes!

Addition: You can see the MIDIBridge working in this video by Mark Mosher.

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Chris Stack is about as multiply-experienced as anyone you can imagine. He was a marketing manager at Moog Music, and was instrumental in the launch of the Moog Guitar. He's been working with Paul Vo on his new and unique brand of synthesis. And he runs a little site called that highlights interesting new developments in music hardware, and keeps an active feed on Facebook that keeps all of us up-to-date with cool videos.

But the thing that really intrigued me about Chris is that he comes from a similar background to my own: born and raised in a rural setting, he juggled jobs, learning both music and technology - eventually to land in the MI industry through a combination of determination and luck. It's interesting to hear how the twisty passages of The Real World can end up leading to something really wonderful. You can learn more about Chris at this Moog Foundation link.


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