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This week is a visit with part of the "extended family"; in this case, an interview with Tom Zicarelli - brother of David Z, but a mad inventor in his own right. Tom is a musician/educator/hacker in the best sense of all these words, and I thought he'd be able to give us some insights on system interfaces that we've not yet heard. And I was right: from Ruby scripting to Pd on a Raspberry Pi, we get a little info on everything.

This was probably the easiest interview I've given, because there was a lot to talk about - but also Tom is a very laid back guy, and the conversation has more of a conversational (rather than interviewer-ly) tone to it. I hope you enjoy, and aren't overly distracted by the insertion of some of my troubles into the discussion!

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This week's interview is with Peter Nyboer, software developer, interface designer and do-alot-guy with Livid Instruments. But Peter also has a long history working in the music and technology industries, doing personally developer software packages, playing a lot of gigs and working with Recombinant Labs. I wanted to talk to Peter to not only get a glimpse behind the Livid curtain, but also to see how he manages to be both professional and creative. As you might expect, it isn't always easy...

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In our first interview with someone specifically not self-identified as a programmer, we talk to David Stout. David is one half of the performing group Noisefold, and is also a faculty member at one of my (many) alma maters - University of North Texas. David has some very specific views on the creations of art with new media tools, and he share some of them with us in this chat.

I really enjoy exploring these areas, and hope to have a follow-up interview with David sometime in the near future. In the meantime, please enjoy this sip from the firehose!

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Nick Rothwell is someone that I've worked with over the years; he is both electronic music composer and dance company collaborator. He is also a master programmer - in Max, Java and anything else he needs to get his work done. But in this interview, wedon't get into too much technical detail. Rather, we focus on history (of the internet, dance technology and controllers) an on how to create systems as collaborative tools. A great interview, and some good insight on how to manage a wide-ranging career.

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I begin this podcast describing Nathan Wolek as a "self-made person"; by that, I mean that he was a trained musician, but found computer music and programming to be the locale for his voice. So he put himself in positions to have to learn computer systems, computer programming (including C programming for the Max SDK) and other "difficult" processes to be able to extend both his work as well as the people that he was working with. The result is a variety of important creations, from the Granular Toolkit (something that I've used extensively) to the Jamoma project.

In addition to working on his own projects, he is also an active educator at the university level, and has recently been working with kids groups to teach creative coding in that environment. Nathan is an inspiration to me, and represents one of the futures of the tech-savvy artist.

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