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I've told the story before - I first met Brian Crabtree when he was working in LA, and he showed me a button/light combo that was a "<shrug>" for me. Little did I suspect that the concept would end up being at the heart of the music industry of the future, and that I would be the proud owner of several devices that use exactly that technology.

In this chat, Brian and I talk about the past, present and future of, including the continued development of the grid and the new modular devices they are creating. We also talk about his recent music releases, his design philosophy and how he feels about the state of grids in music technology. A very involved conversation that was also quite revealing.

The bumper music for this episode was actually composed (in about five minutes) using a Monome 128, a White Whale module, my portable modular and an Eventide Space. Not exactly a Super Demo, but it does tell you that this combo (Monome/White Whale) has already wedged its way into my rig...


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Sometimes you run across a person that everyone respects, and that seems to be on top of their game for the long run. So goes the story of Katy Wood, who everyone seems to agree is the best at it - almost regardless of what 'it' is! This is a marker for someone that I'd find interesting, so I reached out to Katy and was very pleased when she agreed to have a chat.

Whether talking about the process behind sound for film, suggesting ideas about location recording or revealing tips on starting a career, Katy was open, honest and willing to share everything. It was also fun to ask her about Virtual Katy, a virtualization of a conforming tool that matches some of her production work on the Lord of the Ring trilogy.

I make mention within the chat of Katy's IMDb listing; if you want to check it out, take a peek here. This could be intimidating, but when you talk to Katy, she is anything but intimidating. It was great to talk to her about her work, and I hope we can find more about her in the near future.

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If you spend time around the media art technology forums, you've probably run into Tommy Dog. The iconography is pretty striking (some sort of moose/dog combo smoking a cigarette and giving you the finger...), and the posting will almost always be opinionated - and well-informed. I've had the pleasure of interacting with Tommy over the last decade-and-a-half, but we've never gotten to talk in any depth.

Doing that reveals some surprising things: while Tommy embraces the Punk asthetic, he also considers himself a fan of many kinds of music. He also has significant learning disabilities - which (as you can imagine) make working with media tech a particularly difficult task. And he is fascinated by tech both new and ancient, but he has some specific ideas about what makes for useful technology.

All-in-all, a stellar chat. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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