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Here, as promised, is part two of the interview with the Vasulkas, where they discuss Buffalo, Santa Fe and the future.


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I first got to know the Vasulkas through their association with David Stout and Cory Metcalf (of Noisefold), and during one of their visits to University of Denver. I was charmed by them immediately (as so many are...), and we've hung out many times over the subsequent years. They often probe other people about their backgrounds and interests, but often are shy about talking about their own.

During a workshopping visit to Seattle, the Woody and Steina were visiting the Cornish College of the Arts, and we got a chance to get caught up. They were willing to be interviewed for the podcast, so we went forward. But, alas, the damned Tascam recorder didn't work correctly, so the only audio capture that I got was fro the backup laptop. So I'm sorry about the audio quality...

This was a long interview, so - based on listener request - I broke it up into two pieces: the 'early years' (Europe through New York City) and the 'later years' (Buffalo to Santa Fe). This is part one; part two will drop in a few days. In the meantime, enjoy the podcast, and do some digging - learning about the Vasulka's history is well worth it!

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I've know Hans Tammen for quite a while, but almost all of the 'knowing' related to hiw work at Harvestworks in New York. I was surprised, for some reason, when an interview with him was released (and publicized on Facebook) on the Prepared Guitar blog, and I learned a lot about him in just 13 questions.

So I asked about the podcast, and he said "Yes", and here you go!

I really like the way he talks about his work - it's as if he is on a constant search for wonderment and surprise, and I found it really inspiring to hear about the lengths he go to in order to keep himself on the edge of his seat. I also liked hearing about the trials involved in managing *two* large scale ensembles as conductor and composer.

If you want to see/learn more about Hans Tammen, you can check out his work at, and hear/see some of the work embeddded in the Endangered Guitar page.


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My friend David Fodel is an amazing cat. He is a busy artist, constantly creating new artwork. He is also a teacher at UCD (University of Colorady - Denver), currently working with a group of sculpture students. But perhaps most interestingly, he is the creator/coordinator/developer of events and festivals, most significantly the MediaLive festival in Boulder, CO.

I've often been curious about what it takes to create festivals, then have both the strength and faith required to swing the doors open for the public. Since I'm in the process of working at one of Dave's events (Mediatized, April 16, Emmanuel Gallery on the grounds of UCD, Denver CO), I thought I'd connect with Dave for a discussion about his background, his ideas about community, and his vision for his personal art.


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Picking a person to appear on episode 74 was pretty easy once the door was open; during a meeting, David Zicarelli said "Hey, who is going to be podcast #74?", and I said, "Um, how would you like to do it?" When he said "Sure!", it was Game On.

I've known David for a decade-and-a-half, but we'd never gotten a chance to talk about his early years of programming education, how he got into music software development, where Max came from - nor what he thinks are the important core concepts. This kind of stuff doesn't come up very often in day-to-day conversation, so it was great to open that door for this chat.

i hope you enjoy this talk with David Zicarelli, the founder of Cycling '74, and innovator in so many areas of music software and one of the most intelligent people I've ever met. Let's rock!

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