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Margaret (Meg) Schedel's career has blown up since we first talked to her in podcast Episode #3. I caught wind of this by watching her Facebook feed - it seemed like there was a daily barrage of place gone, things being done, and open doors for others to get involved. Meg isn't self-promotional (in fact, we talk about it in this episode...); rather, she's promotional - she helps people see what is going on, and is always willing to swing the door open for others as well as entering it herself.

This episode talks about some of the edgy new stuff that's out there (and that she's documenting), as well as the practicalities of managing a busy, engaged life. We also get a glimpse into the mind of a very busy person, and see how she makes decisions, sets priorities and organizes her efforts. My experience with Meg is that every conversation is packed full of information and ideas - this one is no exception.


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If you would give me an hour and ask me how I'd want to spend it, talking with Paul Schreiber would be at the top of my request list. I appreciate his sense of humor, his strong feelings about thing, and his willingness to share openly about any subject that might come to mind. I also appreciate that, by having been a 'hobby' synth maker, he has always been able to stay at arm's length from the grittier side of the industry.

Some of this podcast covers similar ground to my first discussion with him (podcast 13), but as is the case with Paul, each discussion about something reveals new information. And Paul is a treasure trove of information, having been there at the crusty beginnings of the new modular revolution.

Enjoy, and let your friends know about the podcast!

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One of the things I've always been curious about has been the Institute of Sonology, a Dutch center of electronic music studies. I knew that Gregory had been a "Sonologist", as had Gerhard Behles of Ableton and many others. But I knew practically nothing about the place. Gregory had always been circumspect about it whenever I talked to him, so I finally cornered him w/r/t doing a podcast about it, and here we are.

The podcast starts with a continuation of the Dockstader discussion, but it folds into the Sonology discussion quite easily. I think that you'll find the whole thing - including the influence of the Philips Corporation on the world of electronic music. If you ever wondered why scenes grow up in different places, this might open your eyes a little.

Thanks again to Gregory, who always teaches me without making me feel stupid - the primary attribute of a wonderful educator.

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I'm not going to editorialize on this one - its importance should be self-evident. Justin Brierley had been interacting with Tod Dockstader and his daughter Tina for some time, starting with his interest during a stint at school. He subsequently was able to work with Tod's computer (containing much unreleased material), but perhaps more importantly he was able to spend time with Tod before his death, talking about music and more.

Rather than have me blather on, please check out the following links:

Unlocking Dockstader (Justin's site)The Unofficial Tod Dockstader site
Starkland Records Home Page
Starkland's Dockstader Page
Wired Magazines overview of Tod

Enjoy, and please learn more about Tod!

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Magazines have long held my attention - even after they have seemingly become irrelevant. We talk to newly-made "official" A+M+T historian Mike Metlay about the early days of music magazines, fanzines and their influence on the music, and how magazines remain useful in the age of endless webpages and forums. Mikes got some unique (and heartfelt) feelings about magazines - obviously so, since he's the editor of one - and his willingness to share honestly is what makes him a great guest of the podcast.

So, enjoy a trip in the wayback machine as we remember old gear mags, their writers and editors, fanzines and the fans and New Jersey(!) in Magic Podcast #69. But watch out, we might have a case of Two Old Guys Shouting At Kids (which ought to be the name of my next podcast...) going down here!

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